About Us

What We Do

    The design style of Chrisbella is simple,  comfortable, and trendy.
    It is suitable for different groups of people and ages, with the design concept of elegance, simplicity and freedom, in order to give ladies more fashion possibilities. We provide many styles of bags, and we have designed 4 to 8 colors for each bag. This is to give our customers more choices, ladies can always find their own styles and colors in our product collections. A bag is not only an accessory or a container for things, it is also a description of women's own style. The bag can help the owner express their attitude towards beauty and life.
    Therefore, Chrisbella has been experimenting with different styles, using the best materials, and insisting on making every bag by hand. All this is just to enable the ladies with Chrisbella bags to confidently show their own styles, and also to give them a chance to become a better, brand new self.

    Our Mission

      Chrisbella is a brand that pays attention to women's fashion needs. We use strict control of product quality to gives ladies a good experience, and try to tells ladies around the world our definition of beauty through our high quality products. In addition, Chrisbella does our best to meet the needs of different groups of people. Everyone deserves to be beautiful and everyone has unlimited possibilities.

      Chrisbella is a young brand, and our story has just begun.